Adi Assri Restaurant

Website: Adi Assri Restaurant Website

Amertha Restaurant

Tripadvisor: Amertha Restaurant Tripadvisor

Taman Sari Restaurant

Website: Taman Sari Restaurant Website

Pondok Sari Restaurant

Website: Pondok Sari Restaurant Website

Taman Selini Restaurant

Website: Taman Selini Restaurant Website

Aneka Bagus Restaurant

Closed at the moment due to renovation. Most probably open in August.

Matahari Beach Restaurant

Website: Matahari Beach Restaurant Website

Frangipani Bar & Restaurant

Website: Frangipani Bar & Restaurant Website

Warung Suka Sari

Tripadvisor: Warung Suka Sari Tripadvisor

Warung Santai

Tripadvisor: Warung Santai Tripadvisor

Cafe Bistro Bali Balance

Bali Balance serves excellent hot and cold coffee and chocolat drinks and cakes. Also available for breakfast and lunch. They have a small gift shop area.

Tripadvisor: Cafe Bistro Bali Balance Tripadvisor

Badini Restaurant

Badini restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Vegetarian, Chicken, Bbq, Seafood, Pasta/Pizza, Soups, Sandwishes


Kubuku Resto

Tripadvisor: Kubuku Resto Tripadvisor

Pakis Ayu Restaurant

Website: Pakis Ayu Restaurant Website

Taruna Restaurant

Website: Taruna Restaurant Website

Tirta Sari Restaurant

Website: Tirta Sari Restaurant Website

Mans Homestay Restaurant

Tripadvisor: Mans Homestay Restaurant Tripadvisor

Kinaara Restaurant

Website: Website under construction

Global Restaurant

Website: Global Restaurant Website

Jubawa Restaurant

Website: Jubawa Restaurant Website

Antari Restaurant

Rare Angon Restaurant

Foodstyle is traditional Balinese, their speciality is grilled seafood.

Warung Prapat Sari

Tripadvisor: Warung Prapat Sari Tripadvisor

Warung La Casa Kita

Wood Oven Pizza, Burgers, Balinese Food, Bar Restaurant

Tripadvisor: Warung La Casa Kita Tripadvisor

D'Ria Restaurant

D'Ria is for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, they also have a small giftshop

Tripadvisor: D'Ria Restaurant Tripadvisor

Warung Bali Bagus

Traditional Balinese Food and some western food

Warung Hungry Army

Thai and Seafood + Cooking Classes

Tripadvisor: Warung Hungry Army Tripadvisor

Warung Makan

Traditional Balinese food. Their speciality isBabi Guling

Warung Nasi

Warung Nasi serves traditional Balinese food, their speciality is Babi Guling. Friendly people,

Warung Kubil

Warung Muslimah

Joe's 70 Bar

Warung Tirta Sari

Balinese traditional food mixed with a little European style.

Warung Ayam Betutu

Warung Ayam Betutu is a restaurant for the locals. Their speciality is hot spicy chicken.

Warung Menjangan 2

Warung Menjangan 2 for breakfast lunch and dinner. Traditional Balinese Food, their speciality is grilled fish.

Warung Nengah

Traditional Balinese Food 

Bali Re

Traditional Balinese Food 

Wisnu Bar

Dive Bar & Pizza

Ode Restaurant

Traditional Balinese Food 

Warung Mang Aceng

Traditional Balinese Food

Warung Muslim

Traditional Balinese Food 

Deposit Harmony

Traditional Balinese Food 

Restaurant Suma - Sumberkima Hill

Restaurant Suma at Sumbekima Hill is beautifully located on the northern part of the hill. You have a panoramic view on the bay of Sumberkima and the mountains to the south. The structure of the building is based on an old Javanese Joglo. The interior is a mix of styles, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. An amazing spot to see sunrise and sunset enjoy breakfast lunch or dinner, or simply hang out for a coffee or drink.

Their chef and staff prepare changing daily meals, based on what is fresh and in season. You will have a choice of different dishes every day, from local, Asian and western style cuisine. Healthy and tasty food.